Florida Lawyers Assistance Program is-BullShit

John Hamel a long time member of the Florida Lawyers Assitance Program, Penn and Teller along with Genita Petralli H.H.P., N.C., M.H. all prove that the Alcoholic Anonymous 12 Step Program does not work, and never has worked, it is a sham program the Florida Bar as instituted to give the impression they are doing something about misfit lawyers and judges. Reform the Florida Bar.

The Florida Bar and Florida Legislature we do not want insane junkies who are treating their disease with a failed prayer ritual to be licensed to practice law or sit as Judges.


Florida Lawyers Assistance Program

Can you cure a disease with prayer? Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Insanity are diseases. Watch Penn and Tellers exposee from the hit TV show "Bull Shit" regarding the 12 step program. This is the same program instituted by the Florida Bar to excuse insane junkies who continue to practice law. It proves the Florida Bar is using a failed placebo called the Florida Lawyers Assistance Program to protect the public.

 The Florida Bar is a racket used to protect and generate money for its members ONLY. How much is the public taxed to fix the errors of the 10 to 30% of the Florida Bars impaired lawyers and judges (statistic taken from the Florida Bar). How many lives have been ruined implementing this known failed cure? Don't think about it, take action right now.

Florida Lawyers Assistance Is BULLSHIT

Florida Lawyers Assistance Program

Want a more scientific view point proving the Florida Bar's Lawyer Assistance Program is an fraud being perpetrated on the people of Florida? Please watch.

The Bars 12 step program does not work